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Medical imaging professional

Hospital Group

  • Unified radiologist reading worklist
  • Specialised virtual staffing
  • Integration of imaging links into EMR
  • Virtual VICOM modality worklist

Breast cancer screening

  • Sharing digital mammograms
    • Specific workflow (including 2nd and 3rd readings)
    • Custom e-forms


and monetise
your expertise

Radiology Department

  • Seamless integration of different imaging systems
  • Outsourcing (staff shortages, night shift, etc.)
  • Access to a network of specialists
  • Facilitation of internal and external QA

Imaging core lab

  • Coordinate and retrieve imaging exams from partners
  • Route imaging exams to your experts
  • Structure your data with custom e-forms

About Kisano

KISANO is Belgian international company with seats in Brussels and Lausanne, Switzerland. We provide 4 solutions in our full-web Health Portal:

  1. A simple, reliable, efficient & proven solution for secure and fast Image Transfer for Digital Screening Programs (first, second and third readings). KISANO is the official transfer solution for the Swiss Breast Cancer Screening program and has transferred over 1,000,000 mammographies per year.
  2. A Tele-Imaging Solution providing flexible collaborative tools for private practices and hospital networks that help increase productivity. Our Smart Worklist facilitates collaboration between radiologists, hospitals and radiology centers or with our expert groups in Belgium and Switzerland.
  3. Imaging Core Labs can benefit from KISANO’s imaging transfer platform and specialized Workflows to organize their clinical trials. Flexible and customizable Electronic Case Report Forms (e-CRFs) are integral to the solution.
  4. A Patient Portal can be used for patient enrollment in clinical studies and the management of their lifecycle, as well as for e-feedback in at-home treatment and follow-up.

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